Academic Support

The Knox BOOST Program offers support services designed to provide capable, college-bound students with the foundation and skills necessary to develop their abilities and to reach their personal goals for academic achievement and college admission. BOOST is divided into three segments: Executive Functioning, Language, and Math. Students may enter the BOOST program at any time, but most enroll when first admitted to Knox. Due to the structured and sequential nature of the BOOST curriculum, students are encouraged to begin the program at the start of the school year. BOOST classes are taught in a small group setting by qualified learning specialists and meet several times a week. BOOST teachers often foster communication and share pedagogical methodologies within the school community. Students are enrolled upon the recommendation of current documentation/ parental request and/or recommendation from the Head of School.

Knox BOOST Curriculum

Executive Functioning BOOST is a developmental program designed to provide specific individualized instruction. This program gives students the opportunity to work on skills such as initiation of tasks, working memory, planning, organization and self-monitoring. Students also learn study skills that are incorporated into their core subjects. This program gives students the confidence to become more independent learners.

  1. Initiation – The ability to begin a task or activity and to independently generate ideas, responses, or problem-solving strategies.
  2. Working Memory – The capacity to hold information in mind for the purpose of completing a task.
  3. Planning/Organization – The ability to manage current and future- oriented task demands.
  4. Organization of Materials – The ability to impose order on work, play, and storage spaces.
  5. Self-Reflection & Metacognition – Students will learn how to improve their self-monitoring and self-evaluative skills. They will identify how they problem solve and what strategies work best for them individually. By helping students reflect on their own learning, they will be more mindful of their own successful approaches to planning and problem solving.

Language BOOST is a development program designed to provide specific individualized instruction in reading fluency and comprehension, writing fluency and expression, decoding, encoding, and basic grammar concepts. Self-advocacy issues, study skills, and executive functioning skills are also addressed in the BOOST classroom.

Math BOOST is a mathematics program designed to provide instruction in basic mathematical computation, vocabulary and concepts. Topics covered in the student’s current math class are pre-taught and re-taught, based on a student’s individualized needs and abilities.

BOOST Math provides pre-teaching and re-teaching of skills of a student’s current math course, while supplementing concepts with mini-review lessons. In addition, individual “extra-help” sessions in organization and study skills may be provided to students upon request.

Titles: BOOST Coordinator & Teacher
Degrees: M.S.Ed, Education, 7-12, Dowling College
B.A., Sociology, Stony Brook University

There is an additional $11,660 fee to enroll in the BOOST Academic Support Program.